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58 임상의를 위한 루게릭병 환자관리 안내서 GRDN 2022.07.16
57 안면견갑상완형(Fascioscapulohumeral_FSH) 근이영양증 1례에 대한 증례보고_대한침구학회지 GRDN 2022.06.17
56 진행성근이영양증(ProgressiveMuscularDystrophies) 환자 1례에 대한 증례보고_대한약침학회지 GRDN 2022.06.17
55 Discovery of Endothelium and Mesenchymal Properties of Primo Vessels in the Mesentery GRDN 2022.06.17
54 Differentiating Blood, Lymph, and Primo Vessels by Residual Time Characteristic of Fluorescent Nanoparticles in a Tumor Model GRDN 2022.06.17
53 Primo Vascular System Accompanying a Blood Vessel from Tumor Tissue and a Method to Distinguish It from the Blood or the Lymph System GRDN 2022.06.17
52 A Method for the Observation of the Primo Vascular System in the Thoracic Duct of a Rat GRDN 2022.06.17
51 Primo Vascular System in the Subarachnoid Space of the Spinal Cord of a Pig GRDN 2022.06.17
50 Protocol for the Observation of the Primo Vascular System in the Lymph Vessels of Rabbits GRDN 2022.06.17
49 A Primo Vascular System Underneath the Superior Sagittal Sinus in the Brain of a Rabbit GRDN 2022.06.17
48 Primo Vessel Inside a Lymph Vessel Emerging From a Cancer Tissue GRDN 2022.06.17
47 Observation of the Primo Vessel Approaching the Axillary Lymph Node with the Fluorescent Dye, DiI GRDN 2022.06.17
46 Mecasin treatment in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial GRDN 2022.06.17
45 The Effects of Sa-Am Acupuncture Treatment on Respiratory Physiology Parameters in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients_A Pilot Study_ECAM GRDN 2022.06.17
44 The cortisol awakening response in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is blunted and correlates with clinical status and depressive mood GRDN 2022.06.17