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Introduction to rare disease treatment

Rare Incurable Neuromuscular Disease Center & ALS Clinic of Wonkwang University Gwangju Hospital

Wonkwang University's Rare Incurable Neuromuscular Disease Center is the only Korean integrated clinical research center with ALS(Lou Gehrig's disease) clinic ward and respiratory rehabilitation treatment room. Based on our 10 years of experience in treating more than 1,000 patients with ALS, we develop early diagnosis methods and various treatments and present a medical guide for patients and doctors. We will strive to fulfill our role as a global leading center that empathizes the pain of patients with rare and incurable diseases and strives to improve their quality of life. We will do our best to develop treatment method for rare neuromuscular disease with ALS.

원광대 희귀 퇴행성 신경근육질환센터 소개이미지

Incurable Cell Therapy Center & Lou Gehrig's Disease Clinic of Hanyang University Hospital

한양대학교병원 루게릭병 클리닉 소개이미지

Lou Gehrig's disease is a rare and incurable disease that destroys motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. In addition to the multidisciplinary treatment system for ALS patients, Hanyang University Hospital runs monthly educational programs on the treatment and management of ALS and self-help management meetings for patients and their families.

The patient and family education program is divided into areas related to the symptoms of the disease, such as nutrition, respiration, rehabilitation, welfare, and daily management for each stage of progress, and provides lectures with experts in each field. They are actively conducting research activities to find out the causes and cures of these diseases.