Global Rare Disease Network Research

Greetings from the Director of Research


head of research institute


We will become a "Global Rare Disease Network" that quickly inform rare diseases patients the message of hope and happines.

The Global Rare Disease Network Research Institute is the one and only researching rare diseases at Wonkwang University in Iksan, creating the first rare incurable disease society in Korea and publishing a related journal, and its expertise such as Mechacin developed as a treatment for ALS is recognized as a rare drug designated in the development stage.

As we treated rare patients, what they wanted most was to study and treat their rare diseases professionally, that is, attention.

Because there are professional researchers who don't give up on the treatment of incurable diseases, they hope in despair and now say that I could be happy until the day I die, thinking that even if I didn't get the benefit, I could conquer it someday.

In the future, our institute will organize the symptoms of 8,000 rare diseases to help early diagnosis of undiagnosed rare disease patients, and will establish and operate a network to deliver global research trends and clinical trial news to the rare disease patients most quickly.

Through this, we will become the "Global Rare Disease Network Research Institute" that informs the new information and good news of rare diseases for the first.