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A validation study on the insertion depth ranges of the five phase points by using musculoskeletal ultrasound_A pilot study
작성자 : GRDN
작성일 : 2022.06.17 / 조회수 : 781


Objectives: We conducted preliminary research to validate the insertion depth ranges of the five phase points by using ultrasonography. Design and setting: The insertion depth ranges of the five phase points were investigated by reviewing acupuncture and moxibustion literature. The following lengths were measured in centimetres in order to substitute B-cun values with centimetre values: the distance from the cubital crease to the palmar crease, from the inferior border of the medial tibia condyle to the medial malleolus, and from the popliteal crease to the prominence of the lateral malleolus. The five phase points were represented by pen marks on the skin, per the World Health Organization acupuncture point specifications. The anatomical structures of the five phase points within the insertion depth ranges were observed using colour Doppler ultrasound. Results: The five phase points for which the insertion depth ranges needed to be modified were LU11, HT9, PC9, LI1, LI2, SI1, SI2, TE1, ST45, BL66, GB44, SP1, SP2, LR1, and BL67. The five phase points that required careful insertion of acupuncture needles were LU8, LU9, LU10, LI5, ST36, ST41, SP3, HT4, HT7, HT8, SI3, SI8, BL40, KI2, KI3, KI10, KI27, GB34, GB38, LR3, and LR4. Conclusion: This preliminary study provided evidence on the insertion depths in acupuncture treatment. To generate more concrete evidence regarding insertion depths, further research should be conducted in a participant group with more diverse body mass index (BMI) values by using acupoint-specific ultrasonography transducers that can measure the acupoints properly. © 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.